The Liberator Cycle is a re-interpretation of The Liberator 3D printable handgun. [+]The stereo-lithography (STL) files for The Liberator gun were re-mapped according to global handgun homicide rates – a process that distorted the original object according to its projected human cost.[+]

A public art installation in Times Square, Untitled (Miss America) used ambiguity as a means to compel individual interpretation. [+]The installation presented a decontextualized icon from our cultural memory as a prompt – a trigger to compel us to consider our national values as represented by our ossifying media-institutions. [+]

MD worked with SF’s Del Popolo to identify the business’ core values—honesty, simplicity, transparency—and to translate those into a visual identity and the design of a mobile pizzeria.[+]

Volume 29, Issue 2 of the Camerawork Journal examines the seduction and repulsion of the photographic image. [+]Featuring the work of visual artist Daniel Martinez, the publication design incorporates French-fold pages that require the reader to violate the body of the journal just as Martinez appears to violate his own body in the production of his images.[+]

For Samsung’s User Experience Lab California (UXCA), MD used generative algorithms to indicate the human imperative behind the firm’s R&D. [+]

The Day Labor Station is a prefab structure designed to organize and legitimize the social and economic contributions of day laborers. [+]MendeDesign was commissioned by Public Architecture to develop the national launch campaign for the program, as well as to design an integrated signage system that would identify and unify the individual stations. [+]