MD was invited to produce the Winter cover for UCLA Extension's esteemed ‘Masters of Graphic Design’ series. Instead of attempting to depict ‘winter’ through representational imagery, the design attempts to shape abstraction into the emotional experience of winter: a flat sun captured by leaking light across film, wind as diffuse, broken lines, falling temperatures intuited through cold color. [+] Here winter is a constellation of visual sensations; an approach to design that posits abstraction as more elemental, more interpretable, and more human than traditional representation.

The Take Flight Coffee identity draws on the mythology of the falcon—the highest-flying of travelers. [+]

The new brand reflects the company’s emphasis on sourcing at origin, and the wanderlust that is a byproduct of that journey. The details of the package design also invite departures: the falcon dissolving into intricate pattern work, suggesting the tapestry of experiences that happen along the way.

MD was commissioned to create a visual signature for the new East Oakland Youth Development Center to signify it as a contemporary educational beacon for the neighborhood. [+]

A national model for community centers, EOYDC offers college preparatory training and a host of occupational skills for a previously under-served population. MD worked closely with students and staff to develop language that reflects the center’s values and projects an atmosphere of possibility to the larger East Oakland community.

The new flagship website for LMS Architects underscores the firm’s belief that architecture is a primary means to shape society. Along with displaying the firm’s portfolio, the site highlights the stories of the different populations that live in and use LMSA’s buildings, indicating how thoughtful design creates community. These stories are the most powerful testaments to the success of the firm’s work. [+]

MD was engaged by Airbnb to design an experience that would draw their global community of employees closer together. Recognizing that sharing is at the heart of all communities, MD developed one.library, an analog/digital library that makes staff-picks shareable amongst all Airbnb employees worldwide. [+]

Focusing on the experiential qualities of landscape architecture, MD developed a new identity and website for GLS that express the narratives implicit in the intersection of place, organic materials, and human perception. [+]

Following a in-depth review of GLS’s philosophy and vision, MD identified four fundamental tone and value statements to drive the design process: a humanized minimalism, a sense of space as storytelling, clarity of purpose, and a sensitivity to a user’s intuition in terms of how to navigate both real and virtual environments.

A flag should be more than an abstract representation of a place; it should express what is essential about that place and the people who call it home. San Francisco Magazine asked MD to develop a new city flag based on Roman Mars’ criticisms laid down in his TED talk about the poor design of municipal flags. [+]

For UCSF’s new hospital building MendeDesign was commissioned to picture the metaphysical ‘weight’ of humanity. [+]Big data from global public health studies – birth information, physiological measurements, population density – was processed according to a proprietary algorithm that transformed the raw data into representational images. The resulting visuals – a horizon, vacationers on the beach, a cloudscape – query our world’s values, direction, and sense of cohesion as a global community. [+]

Narcissus I is an interactive installation that functions as a mirror. The installation manipulates a visitor’s biometric data in order to produce a reflection. This reflection functions as an interlocutor, questioning the viewer’s complicity with, and place within, a compromised natural system. [+]

A limited edition of 1000 prints announcing the opening of Southern Exposure’s new gallery space. The color was continually modulated throughout the print run to make each print unique. [+]

The completed prints were crash-numbered, 0001 to 1000, to underscore each print’s status as an original. A collaboration with Eric Heiman of Volume, the idea was to produce a limited edition of unique prints using offset lithography, a printing method traditionally used to ensure sameness.

Dimensions: 17.5 x 24.25 inches