For the Goldman Tennis Center at Golden Gate Park, we were commissioned to create an environmental graphic feature that telegraphed the communal spirit of the facility, as well as the legacy of the adjacent Haight-Ashbury district. The clubhouse features a lenticular wall that offers an interactive reading experience. From the right, near the entrance, the wall reads “LOVE”. From the left, as one moves to the courts, the wall reads “ALL”. The phrase makes clear the center’s openness, while referencing the beginning of every tennis match.

A new flagship site & ID for ELS Architecture highlights the firm’s breadth and demonstrates a synergy between 7 distinct, but related project types. The site employs a rotating database of content of content to show the firm's ability to balance its expansive capabilities while the dynamic identity system uses a set of symbol suffixes to indicate that the firm is made complete by its relationships: its connections to its end users, clients, partners, and staff. These connections are fundamental to how firm understands architecture – as shared experience that engenders community.

Rebalancing the Modernist narrative to create a more human city. Cover and interior illustrations for the Architectural Review, as part of a new monograph on Form4 and the idea of 2nd Century Modernism.[+]

Produced in association with the Architectural Review, the Form4 Architecture supplement was conceived as both an exploration of the practice's diverse body of work, as well as a critical analysis of the legacy of Modernism in urban design.

An ongoing series of diagrams that examine aesthetic experience as a means to shape individual perception. The diagrams consider what must be accepted as a starting point if the goal is to employ art (or design) as a way to advance social change. [+]

Essential constructs include understanding art/design as the production of experiences rather than artifacts; recognizing that the viewer-participant is the actual center of the work; and that the nexus of memory and emotion must be triggered in order to produce transformational personal meaning.

A new brand and website for Harvard GSD’s Loeb Fellowship. The new identity underlines the Loeb’s focus on the critical issues facing the built environment: climate change, social entrepreneurship, and urban policy innovation. The site redesign features Loeb Stories—short-form journalism that highlights the fellow’s ongoing R&D in rethinking social justice programs, housing, health systems, equality, accessibility, and opportunity in cities around the world. [+]

For SFAC’s Passport exhibition, MD developed an Augmented Reality rubber stamp. Viewing the stamped impression through a smartphone reveals two short films. Together, the films represent the cycle of prosperity and displacement that defines SF as an icon of the boom and bust town. [+]

Ironic truisms intended to underline our selective blindness – regardless of where we fall on the political spectrum. [+]

A series of Instagram images that remind us of where we are as a nation of individuals existing in echo chambers. Posted to coincide with the one year anniversary of the 2016 presidential inauguration, each image is intended to amplify the internal voice we all hear—and then attempt to ignore—as we succumb to our cultural biases in the ongoing culture war.

Using history as story, MD transformed VirginAmerica’s headquarters into an immersive brand experience. Acrylic panels suspended over supergraphics show how Sir Richard & Co. evolved from underground record shop into global lifestyle brand. [+]

The way finding system for the Union Street Garage is based on the angle. Each floor is striped with an angle of specific degree and color in order to create a strong visual mnemonic for that level. The deeper a driver travels within the garage the shallower the angle becomes, indicating their proximity to the base level.[+]

The new website for Studio VARA presents the firm as a tapestry of ideas, investigations, and projects – all grounded by a culture of building craft, urban stewardship, and a commitment to service. [+] With a sharp focus on client satisfaction and listening first, the young firm needed a new website that telegraphed this commitment to an expanding group of clients interested to know more about the firm's unique personality.