SOEX30/The Way We Work was a city-wide, participatory installation that generated awareness for the gallery’s 30-year anniversary exhibition. The project invited San Francisco residents to use stencils to make images on posters wheat-pasted throughout the city. The participatory meme transformed the city into a canvas and generated wide-spread publicity for the gallery. [+]

Communications strategy, brand identity and website for Design Access, a yearly summit that considers how to shape the built environment to make positive social change.

Visual identity, e-commerce website, and integrated marketing plan for Covey Studio, the designers of the Covey stool. [+]

MendeDesign developed a decidedly minimal visual language for the Covey brand in order to telegraph the rigor and reductive nature of the studio’s aesthetic. The same sensibility drove the development of the website and the customized ordering platform for both retail and resale buyers.

The Firehouse Clinic is an initiative to break down the practical barriers to obtaining health care by locating clinics at trusted sites near where residents live – in local fire stations. [+] MendeDesign was engaged to develop the visual brand, environmental signage, and the launch presentation.[+]

A series of nine visual poems that outline the fundamental values behind Form4’s architectural vision: place, scale, space, emotion, scope, lyricism, landscape, collaboration, and process. [+]

The interface of the WRNS website tells the story of the firm through a dynamic balance of three primary layers: work, stewardship, and culture. [+]

Rebrand USA satirically considers a hypothetical situation in which the United States government, fearing a declining belief in the American ‘brand promise’, attempts to buoy perceptions by suggesting fundamental changes to its core brand values. [+]

The project deliberately presents skin-deep modifications to iconic national monuments in order to suggest a well-meant, but tone-deaf updating of American principles. The project was a commission from SFMOMA’s OpenSpace.

100 Years From Now was a city-wide public art intervention in Rome.[+] One thousand signs displaying five open-ended phrases challenged citizens to consider the future we are each making. The project used calculated ambiguity to compel each of us to confront, or to deny, the larger signs that point to our collective future.[+]

The Narcissus installation positions the viewer in the role of Narcissus – an isolated figure gazing into a pool, mesmerized by his own reflection. [+]

The reflection is produced using a generative algorithm linked to a pulse oximetry sensor. The viewer’s biometric data is processed in real time and displayed as a text-based animation unique to each visitor. The resulting animation is projected into a reflecting pool containing 12 gallons of spent petroleum.

Two books that share a common spine – one for architects, the other for leaders of non-profits. [+]The joined books act as a metaphor indicating the opportunities that exist when proactive collaborations are forged between these two groups. [+]