Rebrand USA satirically considers a hypothetical situation in which the United States government, fearing a declining belief in the American ‘brand promise’, attempts to buoy perceptions by suggesting fundamental changes to its core brand values. [+]

The project deliberately presents skin-deep modifications to iconic national monuments in order to suggest a well-meant, but tone-deaf updating of American principles. The project was a commission from SFMOMA’s OpenSpace.

100 Years From Now was a city-wide public art intervention in Rome.[+] One thousand signs displaying five open-ended phrases challenged citizens to consider the future we are each making. The project used calculated ambiguity to compel each of us to confront, or to deny, the larger signs that point to our collective future.[+]

The Narcissus installation positions the viewer in the role of Narcissus – an isolated figure gazing into a pool, mesmerized by his own reflection. [+]

The reflection is produced using a generative algorithm linked to a pulse oximetry sensor. The viewer’s biometric data is processed in real time and displayed as a text-based animation unique to each visitor. The resulting animation is projected into a reflecting pool containing 12 gallons of spent petroleum.

The Liberator Cycle is a re-interpretation of The Liberator 3D printable handgun. [+]The stereo-lithography (STL) files for The Liberator gun were re-mapped according to global handgun homicide rates – a process that distorted the original object according to its projected human cost.[+]

A public art installation in Times Square, Untitled (Miss America) used ambiguity as a means to compel individual interpretation. [+]The installation presented a decontextualized icon from our cultural memory as a prompt – a trigger to compel us to consider our national values as represented by our ossifying media-institutions. [+]