A poster for a retrospective of Werner Herzog’s films. The composition tilts the horizon 90 degrees to depict a Herzogian world view – man lost in an unstable, violent, and indifferent universe. [+]

The typographic descriptions of place, character, and film title deliberately confuse Herzog’s iconic mythologies with descriptions of the director himself. The poster format was designed to be presented as one large image, or to be cut down into four individual prints.

Dimensions: 48 x 36 inches
Available for purchase.

A poster presenting a portrait of the artist through his cinematic influences. [+]

Commissioned by SFMOMA for a film series programmed by Jeff Wall, the poster combines film stills with typographic units – one image for each letterform. Together the image-typography becomes an index for the film narratives, mise-en-scène, and emotional atmosphere that influenced Wall in the development of his cinematic still photographs.

Dimensions: 24 x 18 inches
Available for purchase.

A series of posters for the American Institute of Architects. More like painting and less like graphic design, the compositions evolved through a process of intuition, material investigation, and the belief that abstract form can transmit poetic meaning. [+]

Poster 1: Process/Product (Design Awards 08)
Dimensions: 32 x 23.5 inches

Poster 2: Data/Space (Design Awards 09)
Dimensions: 26 x 18.25 inches

Poster 3: Lateral/Vertical (Monterey Design Conference)
Dimensions: 35 x 25 inches

Concept, art direction and design for The Electric Image, a monograph presenting the work of fine art photographer Chris Kitze. [+]

The Firehouse Clinic is an initiative to break down the practical barriers to obtaining health care by locating clinics at trusted sites near where residents live – in local fire stations. [+] MendeDesign was engaged to develop the visual brand, environmental signage, and the launch presentation.[+]

A series of nine visual poems that outline the fundamental values behind Form4’s architectural vision: place, scale, space, emotion, scope, lyricism, landscape, collaboration, and process. [+]

Two books that share a common spine – one for architects, the other for leaders of non-profits. [+]The joined books act as a metaphor indicating the opportunities that exist when proactive collaborations are forged between these two groups. [+]

Volume 29, Issue 2 of the Camerawork Journal examines the seduction and repulsion of the photographic image. [+]Featuring the work of visual artist Daniel Martinez, the publication design incorporates French-fold pages that require the reader to violate the body of the journal just as Martinez appears to violate his own body in the production of his images.[+]

The Day Labor Station is a prefab structure designed to organize and legitimize the social and economic contributions of day laborers. [+]MendeDesign was commissioned by Public Architecture to develop the national launch campaign for the program, as well as to design an integrated signage system that would identify and unify the individual stations. [+]