For the Goldman Tennis Center at Golden Gate Park, we were commissioned to create an environmental graphic feature that telegraphed the communal spirit of the facility, as well as the legacy of the adjacent Haight-Ashbury district. The clubhouse features a lenticular wall that offers an interactive reading experience. From the right, near the entrance, the wall reads “LOVE”. From the left, as one moves to the courts, the wall reads “ALL”. The phrase makes clear the center’s openness, while referencing the beginning of every tennis match.

Using history as story, MD transformed VirginAmerica’s headquarters into an immersive brand experience. Acrylic panels suspended over supergraphics show how Sir Richard & Co. evolved from underground record shop into global lifestyle brand. [+]

The way finding system for the Union Street Garage is based on the angle. Each floor is striped with an angle of specific degree and color in order to create a strong visual mnemonic for that level. The deeper a driver travels within the garage the shallower the angle becomes, indicating their proximity to the base level.[+]

MD was commissioned to create a visual signature for the new East Oakland Youth Development Center to signify it as a contemporary educational beacon for the neighborhood. [+]

A national model for community centers, EOYDC offers college preparatory training and a host of occupational skills for a previously under-served population. MD worked closely with students and staff to develop language that reflects the center’s values and projects an atmosphere of possibility to the larger East Oakland community.

MD was engaged by Airbnb to design an experience that would draw their global community of employees closer together. Recognizing that sharing is at the heart of all communities, MD developed one.library, an analog/digital library that makes staff-picks shareable amongst all Airbnb employees worldwide. [+]

For UCSF’s new hospital building MendeDesign was commissioned to picture the metaphysical ‘weight’ of humanity. [+]Big data from global public health studies – birth information, physiological measurements, population density – was processed according to a proprietary algorithm that transformed the raw data into representational images. The resulting visuals – a horizon, vacationers on the beach, a cloudscape – query our world’s values, direction, and sense of cohesion as a global community. [+]

100 Years From Now was a city-wide public art intervention in Rome.[+] One thousand signs displaying five open-ended phrases challenged citizens to consider the future we are each making. The project used calculated ambiguity to compel each of us to confront, or to deny, the larger signs that point to our collective future.[+]

A public art installation in Times Square, Untitled (Miss America) used ambiguity as a means to compel individual interpretation. [+]The installation presented a decontextualized icon from our cultural memory as a prompt – a trigger to compel us to consider our national values as represented by our ossifying media-institutions. [+]

MD worked with SF’s Del Popolo to identify the business’ core values—honesty, simplicity, transparency—and to translate those into a visual identity and the design of a mobile pizzeria.[+]

For Samsung’s User Experience Lab California (UXCA), MD used generative algorithms to indicate the human imperative behind the firm’s R&D. [+]