SOEX30/The Way We Work was a city-wide, participatory installation that generated awareness for the gallery’s 30-year anniversary exhibition. The project invited San Francisco residents to use stencils to make images on posters wheat-pasted throughout the city. The participatory meme transformed the city into a canvas and generated wide-spread publicity for the gallery. [+]

Invitations that doubled as stencils were mailed to 5000 San Francisco residents. The invitation/stencils directed recipients to large banks of posters wheat-pasted in the city’s high-traffic pedestrian districts. Participants used the stencils to create large, collaborative, pattern-like murals that suggested the relationship between work, creativity, and play. These resulting visuals were photographed and used to promote the exhibition online and in the media. The street component of the project ran for 30 days. SOEX30 was a collaboration between MendeDesign and Volume Inc.

Dimensions variable.