Camerawork Journal

Volume 29, Issue 2 of the Camerawork Journal examines the seduction and repulsion of the photographic image. [+]Featuring the work of visual artist Daniel Martinez, the publication design incorporates French-fold pages that require the reader to violate the body of the journal just as Martinez appears to violate his own body in the production of his images.[+]

Martinez collides historical and fictional images to simultaneously attract and repel, and to deliberately confuse truth and fiction. The visual design underscores these ideas by mixing digital and analog, artificial and real, original and copy. Video game imagery supplants classic painting, pop-culture illustrations compete with religious iconography, and ASCII drawings stand-in for the horror of war photography. The art direction reminds the reader of the infinite play of references that prop up, and then tear down all images, ultimately demanding a new kind of photography that uses overt fiction to speak contemporary truths.

Dimensions: 12 x 9 inches
Production: Offset Lithography

Photography: Eduardo Solér