Samsung UXCA

For Samsung’s User Experience Lab California (UXCA), MD used generative algorithms to indicate the human imperative behind the firm’s R&D. [+]

UXCA's focus is the futuring of interaction and media technology for personal communication. To sensitively remind the UXCA team of the end user and the inestimable uniqueness of human experience, two monolithic images (6.5 ft. x 4 ft.) bookend the office space. One print, In the Next Seven Breaths, indicates the moment immediately in front of us. The second print, 67.2 Orbits of the Sun, underlines the average lifespan we can each expect. Together they create a contrast: the experience of this moment, and the awareness of the limited number of moments we each have. The backgrounds were created using a digital algorithm that distorted carbon atoms, the basis of organic life, according to the time span depicted by the accompanying phrase.

For the entry area, MendeDesign collaborated with M1/DTW to produce a parametric wall feature and reception desk. The wall translates the sound wave of a human whisper into a three-dimensional wave. For the conference rooms, a different algorithm rotated the new identity in 3D space, and then flattened it. The resulting compositions became nine unique privacy screens for each of the conference rooms throughout the office.

Photography: César Rubio