Samsung UXCA

Samsung’s User Experience Lab California (UXCA) engaged MendeDesign to design the group’s visual identity, and to develop bespoke ways to fuse the identity with the larger space.[+]

UXCA's focus is the long-range development of interaction methodologies for personal technology. Using a generative algorithm, MendeDesign rotated the new identity in 3D space to produce nine unique privacy screens for the office’s conference rooms. Two monolithic images (6.5 ft. x 4 ft.) bookend the office, each referencing our variable relationship to time. One print, In the Next Seven Breaths, indicates the immediate moment the viewer is in. The second print, 67.2 Orbits of the Sun, underscores the average lifespan the individual viewer can expect. Both images were created using a digital algorithm that distorted carbon atoms, the basis of organic life, according to the average human life span in different cultures. For the entry area, MendeDesign collaborated with M1/DTW to produce the reception desk and parametric wall feature.

Photography: César Rubio