Narcissus II

The Narcissus installation positions the viewer in the role of Narcissus – an isolated figure gazing into a pool, mesmerized by his own reflection. [+]

The reflection is produced using a generative algorithm linked to a pulse oximetry sensor. The viewer’s biometric data is processed in real time and displayed as a text-based animation unique to each visitor. The resulting animation is projected into a reflecting pool containing 12 gallons of spent petroleum.

Part oracle, part inquisitor the installation uses a mirroring experience to engender personal awareness. By making the viewer aware of their sense of entitlement, social inter-dependence, and their participation in the resource dynamics that define our world, the installation asks if Narcissus truly loves the individual staring back from the pool.

Dimensions: 18 x 8 x 20 ft.

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Photography: César Rubio