Del Popolo

Del Popolo was an opportunity to reimagine the experience of the now ubiquitous food truck. [+]Eschewing the typical white box with a graphic skin, Del Popolo is a mobile, configurable, transparent stage to perform the activity of making pizza.[+]

MendeDesign, in collaboration with owner Jon Darksy, defined the problem not as one of compact mobility, but as one of celebrating the simple elegance of the product and its preparation. A shipping container was reconfigured with hinged glass walls that can be opened to reveal the kitchen and its 5000 lb. Neapolitan pizza oven. By revealing the cooking process Del Popolo offers proof of authenticity in street side artisanal baking. MendeDesign also developed the visual identity, exterior signage, and website.

Dimensions: 8 ft. x 20 ft. x 8.5 ft.

Photography: Matt Millman