Fuori Le Mura

Los Angeles, thirty years into the future. A wall protects the city. Inside, the government has outlawed cars. Freeways have been truncated where the civilized space of the city begins (The Urbs). Outside the walls, freedom, individuality, and lawlessness (The Rure). [+]Citizens must choose between the safety and social control of The Urbs, or freedom and uncertainty in the wilds of The Rure. [+]

Fuori Le Mura can be translated to either Outside the Wall or Off the Wall. An homage to the engravings of Piranesi, the project was an invited entry for the exhibition RethinkLA at the A&D Gallery in Los Angeles. Fuori Le Mura was a collaboration with Josh Stein of RadicalCraft.

Dimensions: 24 x 72 inches